Graphic design for PowerPoint slides

Slick pitch deck design for the renewable energy sector
Project type: PowerPoint presentation design
Working with: EST
Completed: March 28, 2023
Sector: Renewable energy

Elevated Systems Technology (EST) came to us asking if we could provide them with a PowerPoint template design for an upcoming presentation for RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company.

After a little bit of copy-editing and text formatting we set to work on the PowerPoint presentation design itself.

PowerPoint presentation / pitch deck design requires consideration of both at-a-glance viewing (as the presenter skips through slides) and distance viewing on a projector or meeting room display. We settled on a 48px type size for both headings [caps] and body text.

Brand guidelines were followed throughout the process resulting in not only a consistency of design across EST assets but also upholding the values of the company.

Clear and considered design grid throughout.
High resolution images and vector files ensure crisp graphics even at high levels of zoom.
Tags: elevated systems technology / isometric design / powerpoint presentation / powerpoint template

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