Éric Tourneret - A World of Bees

30x30cm coffee table book - featuring the photos of renowned honeybee photographer Éric Tourneret
Project type: Photographic book design
Working with: Northern Bee Books and Eric Tourneret
Completed: Nov 2023
Sector: Publishing

Taken over 10 years, across 20 countries and five continents, internationally-recognised bee photographer Éric Tourneret began his great global photographic exploration of beekeeping traditions in the early 2000s. His photographs record the diversity of honey-gathering methods around the world, from the archaic and physically strenuous to modern commercial and industrial apiculture.

So that’s the blurb from the back cover design done right here in Leeds, but what do we say? The book is translated from Tourneret’s previous publications and we were eager to work on it given the high quality of photography. These are the kind of photos that make it into New Scientist and National Geographic magazines.

We collaborated with Jonathan Burbidge on the layouts, spending a good few days experimenting with fonts and colours. Jonathan is always keen to use classic typefaces so we went with Futura and Univers LT Std light, the latter of which I last used about 25 years ago!  Our grid was fairly strict with the top and bottom margins but we did break out a few times – some shots were just too good and needed to be a full page or even larger. Arrows help the captions relate to their photos even if opposite or even on the reverse of pages.

ISBN: 978-1-914934-70-4. Éric’s Instagram.

A shot of beekeeper Jean Paucton with the Eiffel Tower of Paris in the background
The Black Bee Conservatory on the island of Quessant
The Bana Tribe of the Omo Valley harvesting honey at night
The Province de Entre Rios in Argentina
Éric Tourneret and Nicola Bradbear MBE (Bees for Development) at the National Honey Show 2023
A Chinese man with a swarm of bees for a beard
Tags: apiculture / eric tourneret / northern bee books / the bee photographer

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