True story*: at 18.34 on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 we received an email from an existing client in Keswick. Here’s an excerpt…

*email proof available on request!


I know we have our Skype call tomorrow but this can’t wait. E-Scooters are to be made legal on UK roads THIS Saturday. This means we need a website up by then if possible. We don’t need a runway of a website like the main site, a 1-2 page site will do with prices, location, times, requirements etc. It’s either going to be called E-motion or Lakeland Scooters.

To frame this in a little more detail: an existing client of ours wants to set up a new business and open their first shop in Keswick, Cumbria. Quite fast.

We gathered together a list of all the stuff they needed:

  • Logo / brand guidelines
  • Basic website
  • Letterhead
  • DL size generic promotional flyer
  • DL size Lingholm Estate joint promotional flyer
  • A1 sandwich board signs (coming soon, pricing etc.)
  • A4 booking form
  • A4 time hired / returned internal document
  • Terms and conditions internal document

Branding & logo

At 19.45 that evening we had a finalised name for the company – E-Motion Scooters. The brief for the branding was simple – something green, eco and perhaps with a nod to the Lake District.

The vague branding / identity thing goes a bit like: Logo > Branding / Identity Guidelines > Website / other graphically designed marketing / documents. You can read about this process in great detail on many reputable marketing agency websites which follow the same semantics on their about us or our process pages: ‘We listen to your requirements, create brief and concepts, work with you closely from start to finish, why branding is not just a logo etc.’.

There was limited time to create concepts and subsequent revisions.

At 09.31 on July 2nd we sent them some early ideas for the logo. The pen and paper drafts are long in the bin but here’s the first set of digital graphics we sent.

Untidy presentation hey? And so few concepts! The clock said SEND MESSAGE.

After taking a look E-Motion asked “can we have some kind of scooter graphic?”. We found user12655001 and his slick scooter vectors on We’re not experts at logo design (check out Meizzaluna and Steve Raboin on Instagram for that) but even so we wouldn’t normally use huge chunks of stock vector in a logo. This crazy rush though….

July 2nd, 10.20am

The scooter hire people picked the top logo design and we exported a logo package for them to use on their end. We used Adobe Illustrator to package the vectors and optimised JPG / transparent PNG bitmaps.

The website

After the client picked the top logo design; we quickly headed to the next task – the website.

First thing to do was setup the hosting. Let’s just say that the hosting guy (an extremely talented graphic designer who wouldn’t mind us saying this) occasionally stretches a deadline! A polite yet urgent request was issued – can you set the WordPress install up by midday, July 2nd (please :))

And it was done.

If you’re in a rush there aren’t many better WordPress website options than Divi by Elegant Themes. Not only that we knew we could save time and therefore client money by using the WordPress setup and theme settings from one of the E-Motion CEO’s other sites which shared similar branding traits.

There was talk of a scooter booking system but this would come down the line. We had 24 hours left to finish the website so a booking system was unrealistic.

And so we went live that very evening.

The E-Motion Scooters website is here.

Often we provide website training for clients so that they can update the site themselves. E-Motion have done just that so if you see any elements outta line then…

The other stuff

Amongst the website development we were designing the other stuff you saw listed at the top of this post. On Friday night we set about finalising everything ready for the shop opening on Saturday.

Although they are actual and real documents, here are some mock up pictures. You see this a lot on marketing / design agency websites because it makes the designs pop and look shiny!

All done by Saturday morning (we had to sleep on Friday night so it’s not technically 48 hours, more like 60, sorry if we misled you…).

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